Dreamer & The Frisco 7

The Comic Book I've been writing and drawing for a little over a year is a story about a young Latino male growing in the Mission District of San Francisco. Moises, or Dreamer as his friends call him, is raised with his aunt and her children since his own mother is absent from his life. As he transitions to a new high school out of the neighborhood, he encounters new friends from all over San Francisco. This is his first time meeting peers who aren't gang affiliated, Latino, or from the Mission. Moises, his best friend Tico, and cousin Lupe, team up with his new friends to face social justice themes related to our times and as growing up in the city, but also face supernatural elements as well. All the while, Moises struggles with his sleep, having intense dreams almost every night that lead his closer and closer to his heritage

I am in the process of closing out the strory, finding an editor, and getting the book published. I hope to have it out by Summer 2021.